Playing to Win

Conference for RIT Croatia students

February 4th, 2019.,  15.00h – 17.00h

A public performance – The importance of First impressions

Educator: Jelena Vukmirica Makovičić

What exactly is a First impression? Do we get a chance for a second one?
Get to know the meaning behind the term of First impressions, why they are so important, if not crucial when it comes to situations such as first job interviews, meetings or project presentations.
In this lecture we will look into meaning, non verbal and verbal element of public performance and communication within First impressions.
Finally, we will think about key messages! What are they and how well are we aware of them?
How do we create our key messages and communicate them in a short period of time?
All this and more in a thrilling and interactive lecture.

Job hunting

Educator: Fran Mikuličić

A boy meets a girl and they go to college. They are having a time of their lives. When they are about to graduate, a reality check kicks in. They need their first full-time employment. One of the most crucial capabilities of any person is to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding their life-time employability. So, whatever happens in his or her environment, he or she will be able to find and hunt down a job. This lecture will give participants a quick overview how to manage and take full responsibility for their career paths. We’ll discuss the needed beliefs, and attitudes about job-hunting, know-how of career development, a nature of the employment industry, analysis of the employers’ needs and self-positioning, CVs and motivational letters’ writing and how to use it as a self-presentation tool, interview techniques, and the importance of networking and use of networking skills.

How to be a leader, entrepreneur and manager

Educator: Ognjen Bagatin

Leaders are created by continuous improvement, education and training, there is no leadership gene. Leaders are not created by external circumstances, but by changes from within. A leader is the one that “pushes” and motivates his people, he does not give orders. Being a leader is a habit and many try to be one, but they soon give up since being a leader means being proactive and, most of all, persistent and determined even though that is not always easy. During my lecture I will share with you my own experience in creating and managing a leading private clinic in the region, my ups and downs, the obstacles I encountered and my motivation for leadership.

Don’t just stand still and wait, always try to be better and do better! I look forward to meeting you, our future leaders.

Don’t Play This Game

Educator:  Matej Sakoman

Playing to lose – The Games people play!

Games are said to be interactions between people that end with both parties feeling unhappy and unsuccessful after the exchange. Many times, people/players will leave an exchange and ask themselves: “How does this keep happening to me?”, “How on earth did that happen AGAIN?”, “I thought he/she was different, but I guess not.”

Games are repetitive. People and students play whatever game they are drawn to over and over again, with the same results. The only difference is that people and circumstances may be different, but the outcome is the same. Games are played without Adult awareness. The players experience a feeling they have had before; Disappointment, Sadness, Victimization, Vindication. There are a wide variety of feelings. The Drama Triangle was developed by Stephen Karpman and it is used to analyse games. According to Karpman, when people play games, they are stepping into one of three roles: The Victim, The Persecutor, or The Rescuer. In a game situation, these titles explain the role.


Educator: Fran Mikulčić

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Educator: Matej Sakoman

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Educator: Ognjen Bagatin

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Educator: Jelena Vukmirica Makovičić

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